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GYSA BLIND DRAW RULES used for all teams U8 and above

B.            Formation of Recreation Teams – Rules apply to In-house and Traveling teams.

To be eligible for GYSA Cup all age groups (U8 – U19) must follow the GYSA Blind Draft System.


1.         All Players will be divided into either:

a.         Dual Age Groups

Group 1 – all older experienced players in that age group (OE)

Group 2 – all older inexperienced players in that age group.(OI)

Group 3 – all younger experienced players in that age group (YE)

Group 4 – all younger inexperienced players in that age group.(YI)

b.         Single age groups

Group 1 – all experienced players

Group 2 – all inexperienced players.


2.     Using the blind draft system, each team will receive an equal number of players from each group listed above, in the following order: group one, group two, group three and then group four.

3.     For U6 (tot) there shall be no required blind draft of the teams.

4.     Clubs are allowed to designate U14 and up goalie on draft forms next to the indication of play.


C.         Protected Players – Boy/girl Rec. teams may protect up to three (3) players during the blind draft as outlined below: EXAMPLE:

Coaches Child

Assistant Coaches Child

Sponsor’s Child

Where there is no available player for each category above, the team may hold three (3) players maximum at the blind draft.  There will be NO movement of players after the blind draft.


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