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Playing Time Protocol

What to expect in Competitive Soccer

Playing Time 

As a club, we hope that all players receive a reasonable amount of playing time; however there are no guarantees that prevail.
Players need to embrace opportunities afforded to them by the coach.
In the competitive arena, players are measured by their performance on the field of play. It is fair to say that the better player will receive more playing time.
*This is a list of club protocol:
  • It is the coaches responsibility as to how much a player will play
  • Playing time is earned by the player via performance and endeavor
  • Playing time can be prejudiced by a players training habits
  • Missed training sessions and tardiness can also affect the amount of playing time a child is given by the coach
  • Misbehavior can also affect playing time
  • Playing time can be reduced by poor training habits and game performance.
I ask that before you make any commitments to play club soccer that you study these rules as they are not up for discussion, or negotiation
Tony Paris
Executive Director

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